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Belt Monitoring

      Total Guard™ Belt Monitoring System
We can help you create a custom monitoring solution based on your specific application. Whether that includes splice visibility, along with rip, tear and cord monitoring or any of those needs on an individual basis, our goal is to help you prevent costly damage and downtime incidents.

See Total Guard in action here and see the complete Total Guard offering below.

/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Conveyor_Belt_-_Heavyweight/Products/Sensor_Guard/CordGuardTN.jpgCord Guard™
Cord Guard shows you damage events in real time, helping you avoid costly downtime.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Conveyor_Belt_-_Heavyweight/Products/Sensor_Guard/CordGuardTN.jpgCord Guard™ XD
New technology for 24/7 rip detection with now a reliable way to monitor and identify longitudinal rips.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Coveyor_Belt_-_Heavyweight/RFID_chip_63x63[4].jpgSensor Guard® with RFID Technology
A rip-detection system using RFID Technology (radio frequency identification).
/assets/0/16/168/724/127277/153315/cefa682a-bb69-4920-992d-9da2eb25027d.jpgPortable Cord Guard®
Get the benefit of periodic cord monitoring and splice integrity scans, complete with a detailed report, without having to invest in new equipment.
/assets/0/16/168/724/127277/153315/cefa682a-bb69-4920-992d-9da2eb25027d.jpgCord Guard® Damage Spotter
Enabling operators to quickly hone in on the damage in steel cord conveyor belts, this handheld device works in conjunction with Cord Guard or Cord Guard XD.