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ImageAggie Gas™
A multi-use type hose for dispensing gasoline, grease, kerosene and petroleum oils from farm and barrel type pumps.
ImageBC Cold Flex
A premium gas pump hose for use in extremely cold environments.
ImageBC Gasoline
For all types of dispensing pump applications where flexibility and lightweight are desired.
ImageBC Marina
For dispensing gasoline to pleasure craft and commercial boats at fresh and salt water marinas.
DEF_tnDEF Dispensing Hose
Continental ContiTech DEF Dispensing Hose is specifically designed to convey the aqueous urea solution 32 (AUS 32), a clear 32.5% nitrogen solution of high-purity urea in deionized water.
futuraHoseTNFlexsteel® Futura™
Flexsteel Futura with new Futurin™ cover resists cracking and fading, and is designed to dispense a wide-range of fuels with extreme durability, flexibility, and kink-resistance.
FlexSteelFuturaEthanAll_LG_conFlexsteel® Futura™ Ethan-ALL™ Dispensing Hose Assembly
A UL certified hose assembly for use in ethanol dispensing applications up to E85.
ImageFlexsteel® Futura™ Vapor Assist
For Stage II Vacuum Assist Systems where a pump in the dispenser pulls the gasoline vapors away from the vehicle fill pipe during fueling.
ImageMaxxim™ Premier
For Stage II Balance Systems where the gasoline vapors from the fill pipe are pushed back through the outer hose.
Maxxim Premier Plus 63X63Maxxim™ Premier Plus
Redesigned! Maxxim Premier Plus incorporates a Venturi pump in the protected confines of the inner fuel hose coupling to keep the vapor path open in the outer hose. It features an improved check valve in the Venturi for enhanced vapor recovery efficiency.
For all types of gasoline dispensing applications where flexibility and a lightweight hose is desired.
redwing fuel oil THBRedwing® Fuel Oil
Redwing Fuel Oil is for transfer and delivery of fuel oil and petroleum products for home delivery, commercial and industrial service.