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Protect your investment.
Goodyear Engineered Products cover compounds by Veyance Technologies Inc. provide the ultimate protection for your hoses which means reduced downtime and increased life for your material handing hose.

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The Survivor Hose Compound is one of the toughest compounds used on Goodyear Engineered Products conveyor belts. It is now available inside a family of Goodyear Engineered Products material handling hose as a tube compound, and is able to withstand serious abuse and increase the life of your hose. Extend the life of your hose today!

Ideal for fine particles at high velocities – sand, wet concrete and other slurries

Survivor is available with these stock hoses:
    Plicord Blast Hose
    Allcrete Wire
    Allcrete Textile
    Black Softwall
For oily abrasive applications keep in mind Oil Sands


Both Survivor and Oil Sands are available as MTO (Made To Order) on any material handling hoses with a tufsyn tube 

*Based on lab results from DIN test with non-rotating head versus abrasion-resistant SBR compounds. Service life may vary depending on application conditions. 

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