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/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Power_Transmission_Products/Products/V-Belts/openendv_sm.jpgOpen-End V
Classical cross-section belt lengths ideal for problem applications and emergency belt replacements where drives are difficult to access or disassemble.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Power_Transmission_Products/Products/V-Belts/HY-T Wedge_sm.jpgHY-T® Wedge
The original narrow cross section V-belt distributing stresses more uniformly over tension members delivering more consistent and reliable power transmission.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Power_Transmission_Products/Products/V-Belts/HY-T Plus_sm.jpgHY-T® Plus
Traditional classical belts designed for operating at higher speeds over small diameter pulleys and short center distances. Also for use in multiple V-belt drives where high-shock load and heavy-duty loads are encountered.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Power_Transmission_Products/Products/V-Belts/torqueflex_sm.jpgTorque Flex®
Premium classical profile belt delivers increased HP over traditional classical belts. Designed for tough, small-sheave diameter and high-tension drives.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Power_Transmission_Products/Products/V-Belts/Belts[2][1]_sm.jpgGY Metric®
GY Metric belts are strong, flexible and work in a wide temperature range. With universal fit and North American production, GY Metric belts deliver.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Power_Transmission_Products/Products/V-Belts/hex_sm.jpgHex Belt
Double-sided classical cross-section belts are for use on drives which have one or more reverse bends, where power must be transmitted to or from the belt in both standard and reversing positions.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Power_Transmission_Products/Products/V-Belts/instapowerflexten_sm.jpgInsta-Power® with Flexten®
Dual-branded, high-performance, Flexten reinforced classical V-belts are for both lawn and garden, and heavy-duty industrial applications.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Power_Transmission_Products/Products/V-Belts/FHP_sm.jpgFHP Belt
Classical profile light-duty V-belts for light machinery, home appliances, farm machinery, shop equipment, fans, blowers, etc.