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Fuel Hose

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Fuel Fill Marine Exhaust 63x63Fuel Fill Hose / Marine Exhaust Hose
Designed for use with gasoline, methanol, ethanol, and diesel fuel in marine applications such as fuel filler neck, fuel tank vent and exhaust hose.
Fuel Fill 30R6 63x63Fuel Fill Hose SAE 30R6
Designed for auxillary gas tanks or as a connection between filler neck and tank where a slight hose bend is required.
Fuel Injection 30R9 63x63Fuel Injection Hose SAE 30R9
Designed specifically for auto and truck fuel injection systems. Goodyear EP SAE 30R9 is CARB approved (C-U-06-011) with a maximum fuel permeation of 15 gm/m2/day at 40˚C.
Fuel PCV Emission Control 63x63Fuel Line/PCV/Emission Control Hose SAE 30R7
A multipurpose fuel hose that can be used a fuel line, PCV connection, emission control line or fuel return line.
TN_marineFuelHose_jpgMarine Fuel Hose SAE J1527
For fuel feed and vent applications on marine pleasure craft, meeting U.S. Coast Guard Type A1 service.