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Air Springs for Industrial Application


A single Super-Cushion® air spring can provide up to 34,000 pounds of linear force and variable amounts of stroke. Super-Cushion air springs can be operated vertically, horizontally or at an angle. They are capable of rapid actuation and can be applied to produce rotary motion.

All moving machinery vibrates at some forced frequency.  These vibrations are transmitted into and through the supporting structure of the machine, and into any masses attached to it. Vibrations cause flex fatigue to all objects which they disturb. They also increase noise levels by the "drum effect," especially when the vibrating equipment is on a floor other than the ground level. Super-Cushion air springs can isolate more than 99 percent of flex fatigue vibration, a higher percentage than most other types of isolators. 

Continental ContiTech Super-Cushion air springs are a logical choice for isolation of unwanted vibration. They are designed to replace the less effective steel springs in vibration isolation. Super-Cushion air springs are composed of high-strength rubber/fabric flexible members sealed by retainers at each end. The air pressure in Super-Cushion air springs serves as an energy-absorbing medium to provide superior vibration isolation, load leveling and height control.

Continental ContiTech Super-Cushion air springs are:  

  • Easy to install.
  • Require little maintenance.
  • Often have a longer service life than air cylinders.
  • Responsive enough to handle high speed, positioning, clamping and stitching operation on equipment.

Industrial Air Spring Applications:  

Vibration Isolation                                    Actuation

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