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High Pressure: GR2SN Hose

SAE 100R2AT/2SN | High Pressure

Meets Flame Resistance US MSHA Designation  

Meets Higher EN/DIN Pressures  

Application: High-pressure hydraulic oil lines used in construction, machine tool and agricultural applications using petroleum or water-based hydraulic fluids

Inner Tube: Nitrile

Reinforcement: Two braids of high-tensile steel wire

Cover Compound: Neoprene

Temperature Range: -40°F to 212°F (-40ºC to 100ºC)

Branding: Good(TM)year GR2SN-03 SAE 100R2AT/2SN 3/16" (DN05) WP 6000 psi (41.4 MPa) MSHA 2G-14C/12 

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       BTN_Global_FindDist_jpg  BTN_Global_Resoruce_jpg 
PartHose Size IDHose ODMax. Working PressureMin. Bend RadiusMin. Burst PressureWeight
GR2SN-03  3/164.80.4812.3600041.43.58924000165.50.2
GR2SN-04  1/46.40.5915.15800404102232001600.24
GR2SN-06  3/89.50.7519.1480033.1512719200132.40.34
GR2SN-08  1/212.70.8822.2400027.6717816000110.30.43
GR2SN-10  5/815.9125.4363025820314520100.10.5
GR2SN-12  3/4191.1629.4312021.59.524112480860.61
GR2SN-16  125.41.538.1240016.512305960066.20.88
GR2SN-20  1 1/431.81.8847.7182012.516.5419728050.21.29
GR2SN-24  1 1/238.12.1354.11310920508524036.11.61
GR2SN-32  250.82.6366.711608256354640321.98