Veyance Technologies, Inc.

PC1000 Crimper



The PC1000 is a high-volume, high-capacity stationary crimper utilizing the fully automatic AC T3™ microprocessor controller. The PC1000 can produce 1,415 crimps per hour with 450 tons of crimping force to allow for both Hydraulic and Industrial hose assemblies, ideal for production assembly applications. The standard PC1000 crimper includes a 7.5 HP, 230 VAC, 3-phase hydraulic pump.


  • Fully automatic AC T3 controller
  • Manual & automatic operation
  • Easy to install dies with quick change tool
  • 450-ton cylinder
  • Built-in, heavy-duty base with die holders
  • Allows for 1,415 crimps per hour
  • Automatic shutoff for precise crimps
  • Power return stroke and return limit control


  • Up through 2½" I.D., 2-braid, 4-spiral and 6-spiral hydraulic hose
  • 3/16" through 10" I.D. industrial hose

Power Source:  

  • Standard: 7.5 HP, 230 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hz
  • Optional: 7.5 HP, 460 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hz


  • Master Die Inside Diameter: 230mm
  • Master Die Opening w/o Dies: 350mm
  • Maximum Swaging Diameter: 192mm
  • Maximum Die Opening: Die +125mm
  • Machine Size: L 30" x W 44" x H 74" 

Weight: Machine Weight: 6,185 lbs. (2,806kg)


Continental ContiTech Part Numbers:  


SAP#Descriptive NumberDescription
20588181PC1000-PX SKitPC1000-PX SKit


Hydraulic Dies:  


SAP#Descriptive NumberDescription
20244975PC200-1414 MM DIE
20244976PC200-1616 MM DIE
20244977PC200-1919 MM DIE
20244978PC200-2323 MM DIE
20244980PC200-3131 MM DIE
20244982PC200-4141 MM DIE
20244984PC200-5050 MM DIE
20244985PC200-5656 MM DIE
20244986PC200-6262 MM DIE
20244987PC200-6969 MM DIE
20249890PC200-7878 MM DIE
20562098PC600-8484 MM DIE
20562099PC600-9292 MM DIE
20562650PC600-100100 MM DIE
20562651PC600-108108 MM DIE
20562652PC600-116116 MM DIE
20562653PC600-126126 MM DIE
20590712PC1000-166166 MM DIE
20590713PC1000-178178 MM DIE
20590714PC1000-215215 MM DIE
20590715PC1000-245245 MM DIE


Download the PCTB Test Bench Manual or PCTB Electronic Test Bench Operator's Manual - PDF format