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The new ConquestXP™ primary crusher belt has the power to keep your bottom line on its shoulders. 

Backed by the power of Fortress™ Technology, an innovation in rubber compounding and reinforcement technology, ConquestXP™ is built to excel in impact and puncture resistance. Including one-ply 330, one-ply 440, two-ply 660, two-ply 1000, and two-ply 1250 and available with Goodyear Engineered Products compounds like Defender®, Stacker®, Survivor® and Global X®, this belt is ready for anything you can throw at it. When good just isn’t good enough, start a Conquest.

A new legion of durable belts is now available.





Conveyor Belt Components Fortified with the power of Fortress Technology

  • Patent Pending Dual Layer Twill Weave Design.
  • Fabric technology advancements for improved yarn design and increased yarn strength.
  • More-abuse-resistant fabric design to reduce catastrophic failures.

Monster Hide is a RMA Grade II compound providing the ultimate in Cut & Gouge protection. It is a durable addition to an already powerful lineup of Cut & Gouge Compounds in our product lineup; Monster Hide, GlobalX and Stacker.