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Advanced technology in, high performance out. Our sports vehicle belts are made with our unique Carbon Fiber Technology. This does not just reinforce the belt for stronger performance, it strengthens your business, too. With Carbon Fiber Technology, our belts are stronger and more durable than competitive constructions. Looking for ways to accelerate your business? Get the powersport belts with more power built right in.

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Featured Products
 Elite® Sport ATV Belts
To help you handle the steepest of hill climbs to the sloppiest of mud holes, our extreme Elite Sport ATV belts push the limits when it comes to innovation and technology in CVT belting.
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Featured ProductPower Streak Snowmobile Belts
The Power Streak belt is built for speed with high horsepower capacity and top-end performance. It is stronger than steel and helps to reduce heat build up. This is one belt designed for incredibly long life under even the most rugged conditions.
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