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You would have a doctorate in engine diagnostics and repair if there were such a thing. 

You wear your name patch like a badge of honor. 

You are equally fluent in U.S., Japanese and European. 

You know the difference between a job that's done and a job that's done right.  

You only use parts that live up to the highest standards. Yours.  

The Continental Elite® series of aftermarket products has the toughest audience we can think of – you. When we say every product meets or exceeds industry standards, we mean your standards. You demand proven results with no exception. And that includes coverage on all makes and models. That's what you'll get with Elite, from our revolutionary Poly-V® belts with Quiet Channel Technology™, to timing belts and hoses that offer a perfect OE match, and everything in between. Elite is a true standout in aftermarket performance. Just like you. 


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Featured Products
Featured ProductPoly-V® Belts with Quiet Channel Technology™
Advanced materials virtually eliminate the usual noise caused by misalignment, maintain tension integrity and create a more flexible and cooler running belt, greatly extending the serpentine belt life.
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Featured ProductFlexible Radiator Hose
Designed for radiator hose applications where a molded radiator hose is not available
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