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  Why Veyance? We put Innovation into Action 


Veyance’s position as a new company with over 110 years of experience provides a perfect atmosphere for motivated professionals to excel. Our associates embrace an entrepreneurial spirit, taking responsibility from day one with a challenge – and a chance – to make an impact on the bottom line.

A successful stand-alone company and the exclusive manufacturer of Goodyear Engineered Products, worldwide, Veyance is steeped in a heritage of innovation. Serving a varied customer base, the company's products are found in numerous markets, focusing on heavy duty industrial and automotive applications.

Complete with competitive benefits and compensation packages, Veyance affords its associates worldwide the opportunity to put their passion to work.

Hungry for the chance to make a difference? Learn more about how to carve out your career at Veyance by seeing our list of current openings.
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 Careers Home   Why Veyance   Culture   Who we are   Where we are   Job Openings