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Bellows Air Springs


Bellows air springs have one, two or three convolutions in the flexible member. There are two styles of bellows:

  1. Crimped design
  2. Sleeve type

With the crimped design, the end retainers are permanently attached by mechanically crimping the retainer around the built-in bead wire of the flexible member.

Sleeve type bellows offer similar characteristics to the crimped design bellows, but, as with the sleeve type rolling lobe the flexible member is constructed without internally molded bead wires. The end retainers are permanently attached by pinching the flexible member between the end retainers and external crimp rings which are then swaged to the proper diameter.

Sleeve type bellows offer the lowest force to compress of any type of air spring.

  • Lift springs for lift axles on trucks and trailers 
  • Ride springs for trucks and trailers 
  • Actuators and isolators for industrial applications

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