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John Deere® 8000T Rubber Track Fitment Standard Tread

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John Deere 8000 TrackSection TD 350p4c

Standard Agricultural Tread Design: This balanced track design provides solid performance in a variety of general farming applications. The standard agricultural tread design performs well on soft and hard soil conditions and provides a smooth ride during high-speed transport.


• 2-inch deep agricultural tread design provides good soil penetration and traction in a wide variety of soil conditions

• 6-inch pitch tread design provides good ride during high-speed transport

• Available in 16-, 18-, 24- and 30-inch widths

Technical Data:  

Product CodeTread DesignTrack Width (in.)Vehicle FirmentManufacturer Part NumberTread Depth (in.)Tread Pitch (in.)
703527850Standard Ag.16Deere 8000TR1711092.06.0
703528240Standard Ag.18Deere 8000TN/A2.06.0
703527860Standard Ag.24Deere 8000TR1711102.06.0
703527870Standard Ag.30Deere 8000TR1771112.06.0