Veyance Technologies, Inc.

SR5 - SAE 100R5


SAE 100R5 | Fleet Application

3/16"–1-13/16" hose for general-purpose, medium-pressure applications including petroleum-based hydraulic oil, air and water for use in air brakes, power steering, turbo oil lines, tilt cab cylinders, transmission coolant and filtration lines.


Inner Tube: Nitrile

Reinforcement: One braid of high-tensile steel wire

Cover Compound: Impregnated textile braid

Temperature Range: -40°F to 212°F (-40ºC to 100ºC)

Branding: Continental ContiTech GR5-04 SAE 100R5 (FMVSS 106 AII, J1402) DOT GYAB 3/16" (4.8mm) WP 3000 psi (20.7 MPa) 

PartHose Size IDHose ODMax. Working PressureMin. Bend RadiusMin. Burst PressureWeight
SR5-04  3/164.8 MM0.5213.2300020.73761200082.70.14
SR5-05  1/46.4 MM0.5814.8300020.73.38861200082.70.18
SR5-06  5/167.9 MM0.6717.1225015.54102900062.10.22
SR5-08  13/3210.3 MM0.7619.5200013.84.62117800055.20.29
SR5-10  1/212.7 MM0.9223.4175012.15.5140700048.30.36
SR5-12  5/815.9 MM1.0727.4150010.36.5165600041.40.44
SR5-16  7/822.2 MM1.2331.48005.57.38187320022.10.47
SR5-20  1-1/828.6 MM1.538.16254.39229250017.20.58
SR5-24  1-3/835 MM1.7544.45003.410.5267200013.80.72
SR5-32  1-13/1646 MM2.2256.43502.413.2533714009.70.90